Youth Accounts

One Source Federal Credit Union also offers checking and savings accounts for kids and teens ages 17 and under.

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Youth Account Brochure

Youth Savings Account

It’s never too soon to teach your child how to save and spend responsibly. Give your child the opportunity of developing healthy financial habits by teaching them how to save with their own savings account.

Our One Source Youth Accounts GROW with your child never skipping a beat! 

  • No monthly service fee
  • Make deposits, withdrawals or transfers at any time
  • Minimum amount to maintain account open is $10
  • A parent or guardian is required to be joint account holder
Super Source Kids Club

Super Source Kids Club

(Ages 0 - 10)

Open a savings account for your child and help them save for their goals. Whether it is to buy a bike or save for college saving their money teaches them to value it. Open an account and get:

  • FREE Cool Super Source t-shirt, while they last!
  • Awesome official One Source Piggy Bank
  • One Source Pencil
  • Coming Soon... backpacks!
Stash & Cash Teen Account

Stash & Cash Teen Account

(Ages 11 – 17)

With a Stash & Cash Account, your teen can learn to manage their money and have a better understanding of being financially responsible. Open an account and get:

  • $25 iTunes or Google Play gift card

Liberty FREE Checking Account

(Ages 15 - 17)

Introduce your teen with a FREE checking account, members ages 15 - 17.  A joint parent or guardian must also be on the account.

  • $20 initial deposit
  • Free ATM Card
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly fee
  • Overdraft protection is available