Deposit Rates

Effective as of December 9, 2019
Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield
*Last dividend declaration date, 03/31/19, rate effective 06/30/19
Checking Accounts
Liberty Checking0.00%0.00%
Silver Checking0.05%0.05%
Gold Checking0.10%0.10%
Money Market Accounts
Rates are subject to change monthly
Balances of $2000 - $49990.40%0.40%
Balances of $5000 - $99990.45%0.45%
Balances of $10,000 +0.50%0.50%
Share Certificates
6 month, $500 min. deposit0.55%0.55%
12 months, $500 min. deposit1.30%1.31%
18 months, $500 min. deposit1.40%1.41%
24 months, $500 min. deposit1.60%1.61%
36 months, $500 min. deposit1.70%1.71%
48 months, $1000 min. deposit1.70%1.71%
60 months, $1000 min. deposit2.05% 2.07%
Jumbo Share Certificate
Any Term, $50,000 min. deposit0.10% above market rate
Bump-it-Up Share Certificate
24 months, $2000 min. deposit1.30%1.31%
12 months, $50 min. deposit1.30%1.31%
IRA Share Certificates
IRA Share CertificatesSame as regular share certificates
IRA Share Certificates, terms same as regular share certificates (Excluding 3 Month Share Certificate), minimum opening deposit $1,000 up to and including 36 months, $2,500 for 48, 60, and 24 month bumpable terms.

All rates are subject to change without prior notification. Contact us for current rates, fees and other terms that may apply to our accounts at (800) 532-0223 or (915) 592-0223. The APY Annual Percentage Yield figure assumes the principal and earned dividends remain on deposit until maturity. Fees may reduce earnings. There is a penalty for early withdrawal. All IRA account types include Traditional and Roth IRAs. *No initial deposit or minimum balance required to open a Liberty checking account. **Minimum balance to open a Silver Checking account is $100.00 and maintain a $1,000 minimum daily balance. ***Minimum balance to open a Gold checking account is $500.00 and maintain a $2,500 minimum daily balance.