Digital Wallet FAQs

Digital Wallet FAQs

Which mobile payment types are currently available for my OSFCU credit and debit cards?

What are mobile payments?

How do I add my cards to mobile payments?

When I add my card to my mobile wallet it doesn’t look like the physical card. Why?

When I use the camera to add the card, the card details are not showing correctly. What do I do?

How do I make a purchase with mobile payments?

Can I use mobile payments internationally?

How do I pay with a card other than my default card?

How do I change my default card?

Can I add my card to multiple wallets?

Are mobile payments secure?

How are my privacy and personal information protected?

How do I delete a card from a mobile wallet?

What if my device gets lost or stolen?

How do I remove my card from a mobile wallet if my card is lost or stolen?

My card has expired, now what?

Are mobile payments free?

What devices support mobile payments?